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    Francie, born in China and raised in China, received her bachelor’s degree in China too. Her major was English language and literature, which enabled her access to a multinational company engaged in international trade. She started her career first as a translator, soon a trader, then trading manager, and finally the chief representative of the company. During the 15 years of work in international trade, she had done a lot of products purchase and sales, and contracts negotiations. These experiences nurtured her with rich negotiation skill, superior interpersonal ability, and acute market insight.

    After working in business for more than 10 years, she decided to consolidate her academic foundation. In three years, she accomplished her MBA study and received a master’s degree from Fordham University in New York. The MBA education enhanced her analytical skill by the use of financial tools, and broadened her insight with strategic thinking. With no doubt, this educational experience becomes a huge plus to her business activity.

    However, her step in pursuit her dream life never stopped. 6 years ago, in order to provide her child with good education, her whole family immigrated to Canada. As soon as she landed in Vancouver, she fell in love with this city and made this city her long-term residence place. While she was looking for home for her family, she found her great passion in Real Estate. Driven by this passion, she helped her family and many of her friends found their dream homes as well as their investment properties. Finally, she decided to choose real estate as her life long career.

    She is very willing to help those families with kids, as she has a lot of knowledge to the properties within the catchment of good schools. She also has great intention to help people with their investment in Real estate in Vancouver. The analytical skill she gained from her MBA study will surely bring great benefit to the clients she serves for.

    From the selling side, if you want to sell your property not only to English-speaking clients, but also to Chinese clients, then Francie together with the team can help you to get there. She definitely knows how to arise Chinese buyers’ interests, how to cater to their tastes and how to market your property in Chinese media. Similarly, if you are a Chinese homeowner and are planning to sell your property to English-speaking clients, then language will not be your obstacle. Francie will assist you to achieve your goal.

    There is a famous Chinese saying: if you want to succeed in your career, you must first be a successful person. Francie believes that being ethical and responsible is the most important personality for a person. She always requests herself to be a trustworthy person. She wants to build up a lifelong friendship with people who put their trusts on her, and ready to serve her clients with best of her experience and knowledge.

    Francie Xue
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    Francie Xue

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