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June 21, 2018

The Hub of Culture Mixed With Business And Economy, Downtown Vancouver Is Where You Should Be!


Here’s a look at an amazing property nestled in Downtown Vancouver bustling with energy and passion round the clock. One look at this place and you will never ever want to live anywhere else. We promise you, it’s that good.

Life in a metropolitan can be very intriguing and is often seen as the way to move forward as we strive to take that next step towards achieving the next level. Here is a jaw dropping opportunity to invest in creating an amazing life in the commercial, financial, cultural and entertainment centre of the city.

A beautiful one-bedroom condo with your very own parking and locker is available in the heart of downtown and high rents. Although the location of the property sells itself, the upgrades and maintenance work it underwent last year make it a compulsive buy. The feel of real hardwood flooring touching against the sole of your feet as you lay eyes on the freshly painted interiors are sure to send a wave of positivity through you. The kitchen, simply adding to class and graceful essence of the space with its granite slab countertops, porcelain tiles, stainless steel sink with attached chrome faucet pull-out spray, stainless steel appliances & In-suite laundry is a truly a treat.  

1212 Howe St in Downtown Vancouver

1212 Howe Street in Downtown Vancouver

The huge windows ensure that you wake-up to a glistening home filled with natural light and a functional layout with a 180-degree view. A peninsula, the access to Downtown falls upon four bridges that connects the world to its vibrant community. With close proximity to two of these, namely, the Burrard Street Bridge and the Granville Street Bridge, the condo also offers mesmerizing views of the Granville island and the North Shore mountains.


With the friendliest people ever and a society that believes in the growing together while respecting appropriate personal space and too many things to do, the location of the property is close to many of the main attractions of the city. Besides the readily identifiable office towers of the financial and central business district, the property stands very close to neighbourhoods in the form of high-rise apartment and condominiums in Yaletown.

Perfect for young adults, the condo is just steps away from the city's primary urban retail and nightlife district after the evening rush hour known simply as the Granville Entertainment District It contains countless bars, dance clubs, venues, restaurants, hotels, and shops with neon lights and a particularly urban gritty vibe are open daily until late into the night and extend to the wee hours of morning on weekends.

The place doesn’t disappoint sport lovers either as it is home to two major sporting facilities. Home ground to the Vancouver Grizzlies, Rogers Arena also known as the Hockey Place of Canada, has hosted many notable events and tournaments like the UFC. The other is the BC place, an indoor structure with an air supported roof, the largest of its kind in the world upon its opening. Following the 2010 Winter Olympics, it was closed for 16 months as part of an extensive revitalization, the centrepiece of which was replacing the inflatable roof with a retractable roof supported by cables. Once construction was completed, the stadium's new roof was also the largest of its type.

The life of the cities deep rooted rich culture is brought to life and preserved as the community learns more about its past. Each year buildings that were previously unknown or overlooked are nominated for inclusion on the Heritage Register. The register is the way city staff and the public keep track of building of heritage value. Buildings are graded depending on their architectural, historical or contextual value, and some are "protected" through heritage designation. Within the downtown core there are many landmark buildings, including places like The Hotel Vancouver (1929-1939), The Marine Building, (1930), Christ Church and Cathedral (1889-1895).

The Hotel Vancouver


What’s more? You need not ask.

Embraced by the mountains to the North and the Pacific Ocean to the West, the locality also cherishes its proximity to nature. Leave the hustle and bustle of the crowded city behind and embark on an adventure into the wild. Various activities and tours like renting a bike and hiking can be indulged into in order to get one with the rugged landscapes and majestic colours that reign over British Columbia.

The Vancouver coastline is also something to be explored as its glory and beauty are only exceeded by the amount of composure and serenity it fills you with. Starting from the heart of downtown, the best way to experience the magnificent waters of Vancouver is by renting your very own speed boat for you and your friends. You are free to explore more than 250 square kilometres of waters around downtown Vancouver, Bowen Island or Indian Arm where you can catch glimpses of seals, bald eagles and explore the waterfalls.


Want to see seals?

Make your way to Palm Rocks in Howe Sound where you will find a large colony of harbour seals playing and lounging on the rocks. Want to stop for a picturesque picnic? Dock your boat in the public marina at Snug Cove on Bowen Island and explore the nature trails or sprawl out at the coast with a picnic. Want to explore some waterfalls? Motor your way under the iconic Lions Gate bridge, past the stunning downtown Vancouver skyline and up the mountain fjords of Indian Arm to the Granite Waterfalls, where you can park up and explore the falls.

Finish up your adventure with a well-deserved ice cream from the many picturesque marinas on your way back to Granville Island.


With so much to offer and its ability to be a defining point for the rest of your life, this deal is a complete steal. So, hurry and join us on open day as this one won’t last very long.


Want to have a chat about the property or about your buying or selling needs?

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June 18, 2018

A Home Nestled Away From The City, Perfect For You.

Have you always wanted to settle in a beautiful town which is bustling with the sounds of nature and the smell of fresh air?

But, you also did not want to give up on the happenings of the city life?

Well, you need not to worry. We have the perfect home for you!



A 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom property nestled in Burnaby is calling out your name. The property is a sub-penthouse POLARIS maintained in a concrete building in Brentwood Burnaby. The home is built with an open concept such that it is not only bright but also functional. It is also supported with a plus-in-suite storage. The property has been renovated with new flooring and kitchen design in 2015.

What’s more? The property comes in with 2 bonus car parking spots and also a huge storage shelving built-in. And bike storage too!

The sub-penthouse is in a gated community with round the clock security such that you don’t have to worry about anything but making memories. There are well established play-areas for your kids and even a recreational centre. The society is extremely warm and is made up of a mix of people such that you are sure to fit right in.  

The POLARIS is very close to stores, medical assistance and stations. You have absolutely nothing to be worried about.


Well, it’s time to now talk about the city and what makes it such an amazing place to start a family or just have a new beginning.

Burnaby is a beautiful city located in British Columbia towards the east of Vancouver. If you want nature alongside the amazing city experience, Burnaby is just the right place for you. Reaching Burnaby is easy whether you are travelling by road, air or even the sea with easy connectivity from Vancouver.

Burnaby Lake SunrisePhoto Credit to City of Burnaby Website

The city is bustling with something to do irrespective of age, skill, and interest. From activities like skate boarding to extravagant art galleries to golfing, the list is endless. Burnaby has a wide range of experiences to offer. Though the city was established as a rural location, it has been urbanised over a period of time.

The people of Burnaby are of a simpler nature than compared to the city. They lead a rather quiet and eventful life filled with innate experiences. The locals are huge fans of the outdoors with many wanting to spend their time in parks and lakes. Many of these parks allow you the opportunity to walk along the Fraser River which is an experience in itself.

Travelling to and from Burnaby is an easy and hassle free activity as the city offers Skybuses, buses, taxis and other private taxi services as well which allows for a convenient travelling experience.


Education is always an important factor to assess when it comes to buying a new home. The town supports called the School District 41 with 41 elementary schools and 8 secondary schools. It has one of the largest AP programs in Canada and the rates of completion and transfer to post-secondary are well above the district average. Annually, over $6 million in scholarships are awarded here. The schools are well rounded in terms of their curriculum, with an equal weightage given toward academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. The schools also boast of a great library system which is beneficial for the students. The education system is solid and a great stepping stone in terms of knowledge and experience for any student looking to go to college or making it on their own.


The city hosts the Burnaby Big Bend Tour which is a tour designed to visit about 43 farms producing everything from zucchini to cranberries. It is often described as the ‘Country in the City' experience. If you want to see the whole city, hop on the classic model train that goes around the city on weekends.

Another must-see location on the list is the Burnaby Village Museum which is a 1920s style village set up with everything you would find in a village. From local shops to farmhouses, it has everything that would take you years back into 1920s. Another few places to visit would be the Burnaby Art Gallery, and SFU Museum.

In terms of festivals and other such events, the city often hosts exhibitions, conferences, fairs and tours that many residents across the country do come to visit.

A big movie buff? You would be delighted to know that movies such as Fantastic Four – I & II were filmed here. The city is home to a lot of film production studios and sets.

Worried about the quality of restaurants and delivery chains? You need not even break a sweat. The city is home to top-notch restaurants offering cuisines you may not even know the name of. From Chinese to English, you get served everything in the city. The Bao is a go to place for a Chinese meal. 50’s Burgers is where you get the best of Burgers and hotdogs around town. Sushi Bar is one of the best if you are a fan of Japanese.

The more and more you get to know about Burnaby, the more you want to move here ASAP.


Central BoulevardPhoto Credit to City of Burnaby Website

The city gives a mix of countryside and a high-rise city life. In a day you can have the best of both worlds. It is a place where you would not need a vacation from life, and if you do, it is just 10 minutes away from wherever you are in the city. People here are warm hearted and are known to lend a hand to one another in times of need. Everyone works for the betterment of the society and try to live in harmony and peace. They welcome you with great support and enthusiasm whether you are a tourist or a new neighbour.

Does it sound too good to be true? Well maybe it is. But, don’t give up on an opportunity to find out.


Book an appointment today with Mr. Hani Faraj and be assured to have an amazing experience.

June 5, 2018

What should I be looking for while interviewing an agent?


Q. What should I be looking for while interviewing an agent?

A.  Is it time to sell the beautiful place you call home? Are you intimidated by what the process entails or whether you will even be able to logically justify the sale? The right agent with the correct amount of patience, integrity, knowledge of the area trends and appropriate negotiation skills; can be very instrumental in cutting yourself some slack. Find the right agent and forget worrying about all the little details that are essential to make every decision an informed one.

It is not uncommon to find yourself tackling the advertising hype created by various agents to promote themselves.  Cutting through the yard signs, public sponsored benches, online ads and much more can be very tough. So how do you select the perfect agent for the job?

Before we begin let’s be sure to take care of two most common things that are looked into by sellers:

  • Can the agent get me the highest listed price?
  • Which deal will comprise of the lowest commission?

      These questions may seem completely reasonable but have very little to do with the competence of a real estate agent.  Here is why.

It’s a fallacy that the agent can tell how much your house will sell for. He or she can only tell you about comparable, pending and active sales. You’re the one who really decides the selling price. An agent can suggest a generally attractive price at most. It is up to the buyers after that to drive the price in either direction. Some agents might even distort the truth a little.  Ask for basic stats that lead to your agent’s suggestion. Agents that talk in terms of a price range rather than an arousing number are generally more truthful. This range is also determined by various factors like location, “temperature of the real estate market” and improvements pending or take care of.


Also, there is always a reason behind an agent’s willingness to discount the real estate fee. Sometimes it is apparently the only way an agent can compensate for not being able to stand apart from the competition in service quality, knowledge / insights about the ongoing trends and negotiation skills. If you have a choice between two agents with a certain disparity in their credentials, wherein, one takes 5% and the other a 6% commission. Ask yourself, whether you’re willing to risk a greater fall in the price of your house than the 1% difference that made you go with the cheaper agent?  Besides, you might gain greater exposure to the largest number of buyers by choosing an agent with a large advertising budget and company dollars to match it, which is ideal. Reaching greater numbers of buyers equals better chances of a good offer.

Some, however, might negotiate a lower rate under special circumstances like:

  • Your involved in more than one real estate transactions. Giving both the accounts to the same agent might fetch a discount.
  • The agents accept you as pro-bono case.
  • You are willing to do all the legal and advertising work along with take on all the expenses that arise therefore.
  • You have made a credible and verifiable promise to bring more business for the agent through referrals.


With the basics are looked after and kept in mind, lets now focus on some queries that will make shortlisting a cake walk. Try to figure out which properties the agent Is good at selling. You want someone who specializes in what your selling. Ask your potential agent to provide you with a list of previous properties that he/she sold. Then compare how similar these properties were to what you want to sell in terms of price, location and features. It is important to know the time period for which these properties were on the market and; the difference between selling price and suggested price.  

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, it is important to realize that whoever you chose to aid your sale is going to be around for a couple of weeks or maybe even more. Make sure that it is someone credible and someone who you like. Some ways are:

  • Check with appropriate regulatory bodies to make sure that the agent is licensed and/or has any disciplinary actions or complaints against him/her. This information can be found online.
  • Do your homework and try to gauge the agent’s knowledge of the area.
  • Ask about professional awards. Peer organized awards like those given by National Association of Realtors are also good endorsements. They ensure a certain standard.
  • Ensuring right credentials is essential.  Like many fields, agents have specialties too and most go the extra mile to Specialize in certain areas.
  • Ex: CRS (Certified Residential Specialist): Completed additional training in handling residential real estate.
  • Find out how experienced the agent is. There is a risk factor involved with anyone who has been in business for less than 5 years as they might be learning on you. That might prove to be a flaw unless the agent’s current listings are outstanding and his/her talent is evident.

Once, you are sure that you found someone you feel comfortable with, it would be wise to sign a contract for the shortest possible period. Generally, 4 to 6 weeks should be sufficient to evaluate the agent’s performance. If priced properly and marketed appropriately, you should meet your most sincere buyer within this time frame.


If you are looking for someone who is in the top 1% of the real estate agents in the country, Mr. Hani Faraj would be the professional for you. He is not only dedicated to his craft but also ensures that you have a comfortable experience. You wouldn’t be pushed or prodded but guided at your own pace.

Interested? Book an appointment with Mr. Hani Faraj today to be relieved of any stress. Be rest assured to have an amazing experience that you will be thankful for when you buy/sell your home.

June 4, 2018

An inviting home in the heart of West Vancouver, waiting for you.

Moving into West Vancouver is like a dream come true for anybody who is looking to settle down in a residential yet slightly industrial settlement. Though a part of North Shore, it is a district municipality which has been a famous city known for being one of the locations for the Winter Olympics held in 2010. 

If you were to take a walk on the streets of West Vancouver, you would feel a distinct style of architecture that is globally known. The homes showcase a deep influence of the past in the form of the Post-World War era that has led to many innovating new styles which are integrative. This style was able to include designs that could be built on rocky terrains and have open floor plans, skylights for natural lighting and extensive use of glass for windows. 


As isThe Park, a residential building situated in the West End. The property is a one-bedroom and den concrete condo at the edge of the West End and Coal Harbour. The home has a spacious open-concept kitchen and living. It includes granite countertops, wooden flooring as well as a cosy fireplace next to which you can warm up with a hot cup of cocoa. The home boasts of in-suite laundry and lots of storage for your family. The residential complex also comes in with a secure underground parking, storage locker and is also pet-friendly. 

Located at Alberni and Bidwell, just steps from the Seawall, Denman, Robson, it is the perfect spot for easy access to entertainment, amenities, shops, restaurants and recreational centres. It has a beautiful West and Northwest exposure with views of Stanley Park, Mountains and Coal Harbour. 


Moving on to the town and its’ beautiful elements;


Do you love shopping? 

Even if you don’t, it is interesting to note that the first mall ever built in Canada was in the 1950’s which was named as the Park Royal Shopping Centre. This mall stretches up to 2 kilometres and even cover the Marine Drive on either side of North Vancouver.  The centre also houses many established stores, boutiques and stores. 


When it comes to the education system, West Vancouver is pretty ahead with some of the best schools in the country. The schools are well equipped with extra-curricular activities as well as sports. The public schools are operated by the district and have some of the best rankings in the country such as West Vancouver Public School and Ecole Cedardale. On an average though, the schooling system in West Vancouver has a received a 9.2/10 overall. 



West Vancouver is plentiful with various recreational facilities such as an 18-hole par 3 golf course, a pool, ice-rink, tennis and basketball courts as well as skateboard and public parks. Moreover, the new West Vancouver Community Centre was rebuilt and opened up again in 2009.


The community of West Vancouver consists mostly of middle-aged people in addition to equal proportions of young and older population. Since the city is primarily residential in nature, it has led to the population to be culturally diverse. The 25-block strip around Marine Drive is the main centre for commercial activity in the city and consists a variety of shops, office spaces, unique cafes, banks etc. 


West Vancouver has been known to be the home of the best restaurants in the world. You can actually experience the cuisine of almost any country in the world. Just take your pick, be it Italian, Chinese, Greek, French or Asian. Some of the most famous fine-dining restaurants are situated on the beach which only adds to the experience. The Handi Cuisine Of India is one of the very famous restaurants in the area. They have been serving the lower mainland for over a decade now. The cuisines served here are mostly traditional East Indian Cuisine such as curries, tandoori and other such specialties. Another ‘jewel in Vancouver's culinary crown’, is the West Restaurant. The restaurant has an open kitchen theme which lets the customers have a peek into what’s cooking and witness their own dishes being prepared expertly.  



If you are a bachelor, couple or family looking for a place to settle with a adventurous streak, then this is the place to be. This is the town where nature comes to life with a huge bucket list including activities such as Skiing, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, and Golfing, Hiking and  climbing suspension bridges as well. You can go for hiking and walking which can also be experienced at the many other parks in the area such as the Cypress Provincial Park, Lighthouse Park and Whytecliff Park which offer beautiful scenic views, landscapes and can really interact with nature and its elements. 


In terms of art and culture, West Vancouver is the place to be. It not only offers a huge collection of galleries, museums and other cultural fests as well. One of the events, which is very popular among the people in West Vancouver, is the “Community Day” celebrated on the first Saturday of June every year. It is a day for you to bring in your family and enjoy a fun-filled day. It includes a parade, music and dance stages, food stalls, Children’s Play Area and even a community day lounge to meet new people in your neighbourhood. 


The residential property hosts a total of 562 square feet property which is ample for a bachelor, a couple or a small family. The building in itself was built in 1998 and has that old architecture feel to it. The city is filled with a community which is not only filled with beautiful people but also a heart-warming culture which is only inviting. The locals are the kind who will ask you about your day, help you put when you are in a pickle and invite you to Sunday night barbeques. This community will welcome you with open arms and you will never ever want to leave. 


Don’t think about it twice if you are looking to buy or move. Even if you aren’t sure, just go for an appointment. What’s the harm in checking it out? 


You will fall in love, that’s a guarantee. 


Book an appointment today with Mr. Hani Faraj and be assured to have an amazing experience. 

May 31, 2018

When is the best time to sell my home? Does it matter?

Selling a house in this day and age can be difficult. One needs to think not only about staging of an apartment, the pricing but also when is the right time to sell a home.

It has been found that certain times of the year can be better to list a home than others. It can be difficult to comprehend that idea but stay with it. For example, you should not put up a home on the market during Christmas time because it’s a really bad time. Not because it won’t sell during the holidays but because there will be a small pool of buyers only. Hence, it would be a less than optimum time to sell.


HomeLight National Agent Insights Survey

As found out by the HomeLight National Agent Insights Survey, research states that “Springtime” is the best time of the year to list a home. This is when most residents are gearing up for wanting to make new investments. If not spring, the second best is the fall market which is right after the Labour Day weekend. Unlike popular belief, summer is not the best time to put up your house for sale. This is because Summer is the time for family vacations, get-togethers, hanging out with friends and other improvement projects. 


What is the best time of the month to list a home?

If you want to be extremely analytical about and break it down, a week after your mortgage payment has been made or the second week of the month would be perfect.

It’s possible to sell your home within 21 days. After you have made the mortgage payment for the following month as that would be the last payment you would ever make. If you are moving or buying a new home to close simultaneously, you would be able to close escrow at the end of the month. Because of the way interest calculations are handled, you will not have a mortgage payment on your new home for another month.

It will just be like receiving a free month even if you are paying interest.


What is the best day of a week to list a home?

The first day of the week though named as “Monday Blues” is not the most popular vote. The reason why it is not the best day is because people are less focused on Monday. That is because they are usually adjusting to the weekend having been over and trying to get back to work. Some believe that Tuesdays are a good day to break out a new concept. But, contrary to popular belief, Mondays and Tuesdays are not the best days to list your home.

But, the weekend will also not be a good time to list your home for sale because most people have plans for the weekend or usually want to relax. Hence, that leaves us with Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Usually Thursdays are day off for real-estate agents as well as some work throughout the weekends too. Wednesday is a good day only when it's the day before Thanksgiving; it's still hump day in many people's minds.

That leaves Friday. This is usually the best day as many are looking forward to the weekend but also have enough time to browse through listings and make a few calls.

Best Time to Sell Your Home

What is the right time to list a home?

Not just any time would work. The best time is at 12:01 in the morning on a Friday or Thursday at midnight. Usually, you can prep your listings 1-2 days before to ensure it’s ready and all the links are working. You can use an automatic listing so you do not need to be awake at midnight and keep watching the clock at all times.

What this helps is that if you launch at midnight, many of the potential sellers will receive notifications the first thing when they wake up. Since most sellers are usually looking at a Friday to buy a home, they will receive a notification immediately. It usually so happens that you will receive calls from buyers right, left and centre. Also, buyers are motivated to check out brand new listings.

Another important tip to keep in mind is that before you put up a listing or put up your house for sale, ensure that you don’t have any missing data or loose ends tied up. Check out our article about What needs to be done before I put my home on the market?


Though we have delved into what would be the perfect season, week and time to put up your house for sale. It is important to remember that you should only choose that option when YOU are ready for it. When you feel like it’s time to bid goodbye and move on to newer prospects. Because if you delay this process, it is only a bad name in the market as the number of potential sellers will decrease when they realize how long the house has been on the market. They will assume that there is something wrong with it which is something you certainly do not want.


But, whatever you may decide, it is necessary to look at selling your home as a business opportunity. You need to understand the demand, the ways to convince the potential buyers and use techniques to get the right price. These techniques also include deciding upon the right time to sell your home and matching it to any payment schedule or renovations that need to be completed.


If you need more assistance or want to reach out to a real estate agent who will be committed, dedicated and innovative then book your appointment with Mr. Hani Faraj here.

He is one of the best real estate agents in Vancouver and is recognised as the top 1% agents available in the market.


What are you waiting for?


This is the right time to reach out to a professional and be able to sell your dream home to a potential buyer today. If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

May 17, 2018

A Beautiful Home In The Quaint City Near The Sea

Do you day-dream of living in a warm home overlooking a beautiful scenery?


Do you often find yourself scrolling through countless properties online?


Have you almost called a realtor to show you homes?


Well, then. It’s time to stop.

Morgan Creek

Because not only do we have the best homes in Vancouver but we are here to help you through finding the best one.


South Surrey White Rock is one of those cities that when you drive through, you just want to keep driving in circles. The beauty and serenity of this community will take your breath away. It is nestled in the southwest corner of the Lower Mainland, around 45 kilometres from Vancouver (It’s an easy drive).  The community is 19,400 citizens strong with a booming demographic diversity. You will be welcomed by interesting individuals with amazing success stories. The locality is blessed with an eight-kilometre beach filled with sand and shallow water of the Semiahmoo Bay.


In terms of weather, the city is again blessed with moderately pleasant climate all year round. The average temperature can be anywhere between 23-30 degrees Celsius in the summer while as it can drop to 4-6 degrees Celsius in the winter.


The seaside community boasts of a well-built promenade which is frequented by children, couples and families alike. It even has a train station and pier that would be the perfect destination for a fun day out.


In terms of recreational activities, the city is well-equipped with facilities for one and all to enjoy. The promenade is absolutely wheelchair and stroller friendly. The Centennial Park boasts of a curling rink and ravine trails. You can go for a picnic, trail or just host a barbeque lunch at the various parks dotted across the city. The recreational centres also host a range of volunteer based programs and activities for every age group. If you have children, you need not worry. Some examples of the programs include  summer camps, excursions, movie screenings, fitness classes, picnics, adventure trails and so on. The people of this community are always filled with positivity and cheer which is just plain addictive.


When it comes to great education, you cannot beat the schools and institutions of South Surrey White Rock. There are a range of public as well as private schools that are absolutely excellent in terms of academic curriculum, extra-curricular activities, sport facilities and so on. The faculty is on par with the best schools in the entire country. The students from these schools have a great sense of responsibility and deep roots to their culture and upbringing.


Some of these schools include the White Rock Elementary School, Semiahmoo Seconday School, Clayton Heights Secondary, and Regent Christian Academy. In addition to having an established schooling system, the town also supports a vast library which comes under the Fraser Valley Regional Library (FVRL) Network. The library is filled with books across a wide variety of genres as well as authors. It also supports educational publications, national  magazines and newspapers. There are monthly events held as well which can be attended by citizens across all age groups.


Some of the events hosted by the community which attracts individuals from across the globe include the  Tour De White Rock hosted every July which is a bicycle road race that is attended by more than 150 local and international riders alike. Another wonderful event is the Spirit of the Sea Festival that is held on the first weekend of August at the White Rock Beach. The festival includes fireworks, parades, musical performances, and sandcastle making competitions as well as volleyball matches and barbeque. Some other local events include competitions, festival related fairs and so on.


In terms of local transportation, the city is well connected via TransLink that operates all the main bus routes. You can drive to nearby cities and towns through the Highway 99 which is a freeway and even connects to the U.S Interstate 5 via the Douglas border crossing.


Let’s take a closer look at Morgan Creek, one of the sub-areas of South Surrey White Rock. It is a quaint town which is filled with warm and welcoming residents. The town is extremely helpful and will lend you a hand in times of need. These are the kind of neighbours who remain as your friends for a lifetime.

The Elgin House

The Elgin House, in Morgan Creek is one of those properties that you just don’t want to let the chance of passing you by. The property is built in a modern yet contemporary style fitted with new-age technology that includes high-end amenities and built-in facilities. The home is a 2 bedroom and 2 bath unit. The kitchen includes stainless steel appliances, imported quartz counter tops and well-crafted utilities. The entire house as a laminate flooring which has only been recently installed.


The property equals a total liveable area of 872 square feet, perfect for any family or couple to move in or rent out. The home has a very classy and elegant feel to it. You can just imagine spending a quite evening with your family in the living room or hosting business meetings.


The homeowner has ensured to add touches and details that will take your breath away. The property faces to the north, away from the highway which results in decreased noise and air pollution. The property is only located at a stone’s throw distance from the Rowing Club which is a great plus. You can not only enjoy your summers in the outdoor pool or workout in the fitness centre but also host parties that will become the talk of the town.


This property is ideal for those who are looking for a home which is not only near Vancouver but is far away from the musings of city life and its chaos. It is ideal for those who want to retire or just invest for the future. This home in the city near the sea could be just the house you are moving into.


Want to have a chat about the property or about your buying or selling needs?

Book an appointment today with Mr. Hani Faraj and be relieved of any stress.

May 16, 2018

A Heavenly Getaway In The Oak Bay Area

Just visualize a heavenly getaway that comprises of a real community surrounded by a spectacular natural setting with miles of beach, boutique shops, art galleries, tasty food and wine. In this mix, include bakeries, coffee shops to linger in and a charming place to call your own, all within a few kilometers.

Now, imagine if this place became your long term address.

Sounds too good to be true?

That’s because it is!

Oak Bay, Victoria

Image Credit to Oak Bay Official Website


Come visit the Estevan Avenue in the Oak Bay Area in Victoria and see for yourself as you are sure to find yourself stunned at the sight of this delightful 4 bedroom home with a potential that will not fail to exceed every expectation. This area is one of the most requested and homes here are taken up in a jiffy. Families and young couples alike wish to live in this avenue. It is a place where dreams come true.


A dream for people who love their space and are incline to encourage their creative instincts, the property comes with a huge living room that offers the most appropriate setting with a cosy fireplace to keep you safe from the winter chills.


Just by walking around, you will also find that the basic essence of the place is freeness of space symbolic of the nature of the people it is perfect for. Attached is a deck that comes alive as the gleaming sunrays fall on every square inch of the summer glory and local transportation available right outside the doorstep to take you downtown.


To top the boastful structure of the property, it is located one block away from debatably the best beach in entire Victoria. Willows Beach is one of Victoria's most popular swimming beaches. An appropriate place for children to enjoy the water in a safe environment as its shallow, protected water with the views of Discovery Island and Mount Baker make basking, swimming or paddling there just that much more beautiful and exciting. Willows Beach is a popular day destination for locals, so expect wonderful conversations exploring the culture while lining up at the concession stand on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Located off Beach Drive in Oak Bay, this popular beach is a great place to see and be seen.



Downtown Victoria is a fifteen minute drive west from Willow’s beach. It is the commercial and the entertainment hub of the city and the surrounding area. Host to the famous Victoria film festival, this is an extremely popular place for tourists and local Victorians as that is where many of the movie theatres, stage theatres, hotels, restaurants, pubs, night clubs, and shops are. Many tourist attractions are located in and around the area including Centennial Square that is used for small venue events such as the Electronic Music Festival, which takes place during the same time period as the BC Day statutory holiday and Symphony Splash.


Market Square, towards the northwest end of downtown, is used for small venue concerts and festivals, containing shopping establishments and eateries and is part of the city's "Old Town". Just beyond Market Square and Old Town which is the cultural and historic Chinatown which forms part of the northern end of downtown Victoria. It has a colourful Chinese historical past from the early days of Victoria.


Downtown Victoria contains most of Greater Victoria's and the Capital Regional District's urban high rise office towers. They house the local offices of multinational banks, government agencies, private agencies, and other types of organizations. In recent years, many expensive, large condominium complexes were built or are being built to attract more residents to downtown.


Love sports? You can’t miss Save-On-Foods Memorial, the largest sports-entertainment multiplex on Vancouver Island and the second largest in British Columbia outside of the Greater Vancouver area.


This area is ideal for families and people looking to start a family, education has also been a strong point for the area. The Oak Bay is within School District 61. There is one public elementary school, Willows Elementary, one public middle school, Monterey Middle School, and one public high school, Oak Bay High School, with the second largest student population in the Greater Victoria School District. Residents in the Oak Bay area can also register their children at the nearby Margaret Jenkins Elementary (in Victoria). There are two private schools located in Oak Bay, Glenlyon Norfolk School and St. Michael's University School.

Quality higher education is also conveniently accessible as half of the University of Victoria campus is located within the District of Oak Bay, while the other half is in adjacent Saanich.


Home to one of the largest collections of art & crafts galleries on Vancouver Island, the culture is reflected through the widely spread old style-heritage homes and gardens. One of the things that Oak bay is famous for the Oak Bay Tea Party and a selection of excellent restaurants, delis, bistros antique shops, as well as an English-style pub, and other establishments geared towards both families and seniors. 

 Oak Bay Tea Party

Image Credit to Oak Bay Tea Party Society

Doesn’t it sound like a dream come true? If you choose to live here, you will be able to create the perfect mix of a family life, social engagements and personal development. You do not need to lift a finger when it comes to education of your kids, going on romantic dates, travelling easily to work or even just grocery shopping!


So, come visit the property and get mesmerized by this unique opportunity as soon as you can as you may not be lucky in the future to own a piece of property that you can call your very own.


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May 14, 2018



Planning to sell the special place you call home? 


Does it not seem like a lot? 


Thinking about every little detail can be pretty overwhelming. Haunted by the thought that every little thing matters when it comes to wooing and winning potential buyers? 


Fear not! 


Just set a couple of weekends aside to follow three simple steps and get ready to make the desired impact and cinch the deal. 


The first step while obvious has a level of importance that cannot be overstated irrespective of how much you try and it’s all about cleaning and decluttering. However, tedious and time consuming this may seem, it can practically be made almost painless. Start with decluttering. Extra space will be your saviour and so it is time to purge your house of everything that just wastes space. 

The goal is to turn your home into a clean slate before you get down to cleaning it. In addition to selling items, you might also want to consider giving them away for charity or getting in touch with recyclers. These are some affective ways of getting rid of huge metal junk without shelling out any money. 

You want the buyers to focus on how amazing your place is and not how messy it looks. In addition to discarding items, remove the pile of shoes from the entry, old mail that has been rotting on the kitchen table and everything else that distracts the buyers from the beautiful features that you place naturally boasts about. It’s time to clean after giving your house room to breathe. 

Cleaning and Decluttering

Deep cleaning is probably the most time consuming but is also the most important part. Maybe get the whole family involved and think of it as spring cleaning. Pay special attention to the kitchen, the inside as well as the outside of windows and the bathroom. This makes a striking improvement in the overall appearance. 

Simply, closing the toilets can do wonders. Do not forget to organize closets, cabinets, and drawers. In this case, out of sight is not out of mind. Many potential buyers will open cabinets and closets, because they are thinking about storage space. 

If your storage areas are clean and organized, it will send a signal to buyers that you take care of the house and it is easy to do so. Keeping the house décor simple also helps as people with different tastes might get turned off by what you call art. Now your house is sparkling, make sure that it smells nice too. 

Don’t cook anything that will ruin the deal. While most things like bacon taste amazing, they have this innate ability to fill the place with a certain stench. Baking cookies or using a natural air freshener are some way to express the essence of your house through the way it smells. 



The second step is to tackle the honey-do list! All the little things that you always wanted to fix but never got around to, is what noticed most in an otherwise clean house. This detracts the buyers from appreciating the real value of your house. 

Honey Do List

Image by Clean and Scentsible

So, set aside a weekend to tighten those loose doorknobs, fix that leaky faucet and paint over the scuffs from when you first moved in your sofa. Any leaking faucets and running toilets; replace caulking around tubs, showers, and sinks; freshen up or repair grout as needed; repair and repaint them in a neutral, generally pleasing colour that complements your home; fix cracked or broken windows; replace or repair damaged window screens; replace burned-out light bulbs. All of them are fixes that you can do yourself. 

Taking care of these little problems before you show your house for the first time helps the buyers visualize comfort and serenity as they imagine themselves living there. 



First impressions are a big deal. You want potential buyers to be charmed by the outside of your house so they look forward to coming inside. Hence the third and the final step is to go for “the curb appeal”. Extend your pumped-up spring cleaning to the outside of your house, too. Trim bushes, shrubs, and trees. Make sure vegetation isn’t touching your roof or siding. Also ensure that your roof gutters are well cleaned out. A neat look is always pleasing. 

house curb image from pixabay

Other than that, repair broken downspouts and gutters. Also, clean and repair concrete areas such as driveways and walkways. Be sure to eliminate any oil or grease stains and clean out any weeds coming up through the cracks. Another idea could be to invest some time and money in landscaping. A beautiful garden with lush green grass and flowers will be inviting to potential buyers. It will showcase the possibility of children playing, couples enjoying a quiet picnic and families celebrating occasions. 

Dress things up a little bit. If it’s seasonally appropriate, put out some pots of annuals, which will maintain their colour for the season. Freshen up your doorstep with a new welcome mat. Make sure the house numbers are easy to see, and in a style that complements your home. If it’s the season of holidays, decorate your home with some mistletoe or a Christmas tree or even just some Halloween decorations. When potential buyers come into your home, they will be able to imagine celebrating the same festivals with their loved ones. It’s a neat little trick which won’t cost you a dime! 

In the end, apply new mulch, river rock, and/or pea gravel if it is appropriate for your yard. This can do wonders for your landscaping and provide immediate curb appeal.


The final tip is a critical one. If you too are subjected to the restraints of a tight budget, at least try and spruce-up the front entrance. That first impression goes a long way. 

With just a moderate amount of effort, you can render the most appropriate meaning to the phrase, “mi casa es su casa” by making your house beautiful and welcoming, both inside and out.


About the author: 

Hani Faraj and his team are known to take care of their clients and take care of them like family.  They provide clients with junk removal, staging, they can help with booking a storage room, and even book movers.  There do 38 things to ensure the home is marketed and sold for the highest price and never waiver on customer service or the highest standards. 

They go the extra mile to find ways to make sure every transaction is beneficial to all parties involved.  Hani Faraj will make sure that the property you sell and the property you buy suits your needs and requirements.

Hani Faraj and his team also takes care of your property’s advertising and marketing needs. Their services include taking professional photographs and creating virtual tours and posting on different websites and social media to generate interests and leads. They also offer free staging of your home which includes decluttering and rearranging to attract more buyers.

To know more about Hani Faraj and his team, check the website:  http://www.HaniFaraj.com/

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May 8, 2018

The April Housing Update Is Here!

Here’s the Metro Vancouver housing market update of April 2018.

Last month, we witnessed fewer buyers and many more home sellers. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) has reported that the residential property sales in the region have totaled to 2,579. This is a 27.4% decrease as recorded to the previous year which was 3,553 respectively. This is a 2.5% for when compared to the number of homes sold in March 2018 which equalled 2,517 homes.

April witnessed a 22.5% decrease when compared to the 10-year sales average for the same month.

April 2018 Housing Update

Phil Moore, REBGV president was quoted saying, “Market conditions are changing. Home sales declined in our region last month to a 17-year April low and home sellers have become more active than we’ve seen in the past three years. The mortgage requirements that the federal government implemented this year have, among other factors, diminished home buyers’ purchasing power and they’re being felt on the buyer side today.”

In terms of detached, attached and apartment properties, 5,820 homes were newly listed for sale on the Multiple Listing Service in Metro Vancouver. This is an 18.6% increase with respective to the 4,907 homes listed last year in the same month. It is also a 30.8% increase when compared to March 2018 wherein 4,450 homes were listed respectively.

On the MLS® system, the total number of properties listed for sale equal 9,822 homes in Metro Vancouver. This is in fact a 25.7% increase when compared to last year. It is also a 17.2% increase with respective to March wherein 8,380 homes were listed for sale. Moore also further stated, “Home buyers have more breathing room this spring. They have more selection to choose from and less demand to compete against.”

The sales-to-active listings ratio, one of the most important indicators in this market was quoted at 26.3% in April. When broken down by property type, here are the ratios:

Property Type

Sales-to-listings Ratio (%)

Detached Homes


Town homes






It is generally believed that a downward pressure on the home prices occurs only when the ratio dips below 12% while as an upward pressure is experienced on the same when the ratio crosses 20% for a sustained period of time.

Another important indicator, The MLS® Home Price Index composite benchmark price for all residential properties was recorded at $1,092,000 in April 2018. This indicates a 14.3% increase when compared to last year and a 0.7% increase vis-à-vis March 2018.

Moving on to sales, a total of 807 detached properties were sold. This represents a 33.4% decrease from last year wherein 1,211 homes were sold. The benchmark price of the same is $1,605,800. A 5.1% increase from last year can be recorded as well as 0.2% decrease from March 2018.

Similarly, sales of apartment properties equaled 1,308. This is a 24% decrease from April 2017 wherein 1,722 homes were sold. The benchmark price for an apartment property is $701,000. This is a 23.7% increase from last year and a 1.1% increase when compared to March of this year.

In terms of attached property sales, a total of 464 homes were sold. This represents a 25.2% decrease when compared to the 620 homes sold last year. The benchmark price of an attached unit is $854,200. This is a 17.7% increase from April 2017 and a 2.3% increase when compared to March.

In conclusion, though most stats seem to showcase an increase, only time will tell how the economics of demand and supply play out in the market.

May 4, 2018

Want To Experience Kitsilano Living At Its Finest?

Want to experience Kitsilano living at its finest?

A mesmerizing north-east facing penthouse in a neighborhood that runs along the shore of the English Bay at award winning Savona is now available for the first time in twelve years. Distinguished by luxurious amenities, top of the game fittings and appliances along with much more, this jaw dropping property rightly claims its status as an entertainer's dream. With an open living room- kitchen style and the premium outdoor living area to host memorable dinner parties, this is probably the most exciting of the 2-bedroom homes that come to market in this area. The natural light soaring above the mountains, entering through large windows, fall upon the extensive list of impressive features spreading across the over-height  ceiling, paints a picture of pure ultra-spacious class.



Located in the Richmond area, the property experiences a dynamic and ethnically diverse growth as Fraser River rendezvous with the Pacific Ocean here. It is the perfect place to enjoy life in Canada without having to deal with the extreme weather. Unlike the rest of the country, this area experiences little snow and lesser rainfall.

The unique mix of residential and commercial property, agricultural lands, industrial parks, waterways and natural areas along with modern recreational facilities and programs ensure a healthy active community. The same can be witnessed if you look north from The Burrard Bridge. You’ll have a glimpse of a large waterfront green-space known as Vanier Park that emerges to promise overwhelming excitement. This spot is home to some of Vancouver’s best family-friendly attractions including the Museum of Vancouver, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, and the Vancouver Maritime Museum. It also is the base for inculcating serene culture in the lives of all the locals and visitors with the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare festival from June to September each year. A little further along the waterfront, you’ll hit Kitsilano Beach, the place to be during summers. Complete with volleyball tournaments filled with the exuberance of competition, picnicking families strengthening their bonds, lots of the beautiful people on parade, and the mammoth Kitsilano Pool – an outdoor saltwater public pool right by the beach offering a stunning view and a unique joy, it is Kitsilano’s own version of paradise.  A number of community festivals over the course of the summer including Greek Days on West Broadway, and the Khatsahlano Festival centered on West 4th Avenue are also organized by the local community.

Along with the beach itself, Kitsilano Beach Park contains the Kitsilano Showboat. The Kitsilano Showboat, operating since 1935, is one of its kind open-air amphitheater that operates under the natural breeze with the ocean and mountains as a backdrop. It is a unique platform that offers an opportunity to all the amateur talent who indulge the audience in their view of the world through their art.  All summer long, the showboat hosts free performances from local bands, dance groups, and other artists. Its main goal is to entertain residents and tourists and providing amateur talent with a chance at recognition. It is located on the south side of the Kitsilano Pool along Cornwall Avenue. Shows typically start at 7:30 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays filling the air with creative inspiration and a night like no other.

Stanley Park SeawallStanley Park Seawall

With abundant greenery, Kitsilano has organized itself in an efficient resident friendly infrastructure with 17 parks where you can spend your leisure time enjoying the city's beauty and the rejuvenating freshness offered by the climate. What's more? Six playgrounds to hone your sporting skills and an off-leash dog park that captures the true spirit of every dog lover and the love for their one true friend, add to the advantages of moving to “Kits”.

The Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club in Granville Park became a trendy club for the local elite, hosting an annual Championship which attracted some nationally successful Canadian players.

True to its hippy roots, Kitsilano is home to one of the city’s oldest vegetarian restaurants, The Naam. Open 24-hours a day, the restaurant’s yam fries with miso gravy have inspired many a late-night stop after a night out on the town. You’ll also find plenty of other healthy, organic and farm-to-table options. Down by the water, along the foot of Yew Street and along Cornwall, are lots of casual, neighborhood bars and restaurants, many of which do a great job with seafood, along with wines and cocktails to match. West Broadway is where a lot of Vancouver’s Greek immigrants originally settled, and you won’t go wrong choosing something inspired by the Mediterranean in that part of the neighborhood. Along West 4th, expect more polished dining, but still with lots of multicultural flavor.

Excelling at lifestyle shopping, it is the birthplace for the yoga brand, Lululemon Athletic that has a store West 4th (right opposite the original upstairs location) to browse the company’s range of high-end yoga and active-wear. Along the same stretch, you’ll find a number of outdoor apparel companies, fashion boutiques, cafes, beauty and skincare stores, and spas that make for a great afternoon of perusing.

Full of young people and families, this property offers a unique standard of living wherein, community and class confluence towards the best of everything just for you.

Are you already gearing up to become a part of this community? The essence of the entire community lies in its people and you could just become one of them very soon.

Want to have a chat about the property or about your buying or selling needs?

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