Community – Blueridge

    blueridgeBlueridge is situated at the base of Mount Seymour wherein residents experience fresh air all year round. Not only that, it also serves as a great adventure site as the District’s ski and hiking destination. Blueridge neighborhood character rooted its charm from calming and natural surroundings with a community of diversified culture of residents. The community is structured to have easy access to amenities for locals residing in Blueridge.

    Year after year, a strong real estate market can be observed in the community which is manifested by its growth and stability. This was achieved with the help of Blueridge Community Association that aims to have progress in developing variety of projects to improve quality living of all locals in Blueridge.

    It can be observed that mostly single family houses predominates the market in this neighborhood, however, you can also find executive homes and single houses being listed. Some of the homes may need some updating but all the efforts will be paid off since most of the long-term home owners have found value not only in property’s equity but also in the quality of living most residents experience in this community with dynamic relationship with nature.