East Vancouver Real Estate

    As the bidding wars continue in Vancouver’s real estate market, one area that’s just getting the recognition it deserves is East Vancouver. Homes for sale in East Vancouver are priced as high as 50% more compared to 2010, and there are several reasons for this. For starters, there are several west side property owners who are looking to move into a less expensive neighborhood in Vancouver without of course compromising on the quality of living, and then there are the trade-up buyers from condos.

    Bordered by Burrard Inlet to the north and Fraser River to the south, buying a home in East Vancouver offers several benefits including first hand access to not one or two, but 6 distinct shopping areas and a choice of seven vibrant neighborhoods to choose from.

    The 7 Neighborhoods

    Grandview–Woodland – dubbed Grandview-Woodlands – is a rather mature neighborhood in East Vancouver, and is noted for its Commercial Drive Area, which consistently ranks high for several reasons including best place to eat meat and best neighborhood. BC homes for sale in Grandview-Woodlands are available mostly in multi and single family configurations, and are appointed with modern day features and backed by rich history.

    Hastings-Sunrise – located in the northeastern tip of Vancouver, Hastings-Sunrise is mostly a residential area, with homes for sale available in multi-family and single family configurations. Claimed to be one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, Hastings-Sunrise is home to a large migrant population, and is a rather strong family orientated community. There are a few elementary, secondary schools and a park – Hastings Park in Hastings-Sunrise.

    Kensington–Cedar Cottage – regarded as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in East Vancouver, buying a home in Kensington– Cedar Cottage is a perfect choice for those looking for a community that boasts a wide social and demographic mix. Homes in this part of East Vancouver are generally affordable, making them a great choice for working class professionals. In addition, Kensington–Cedar Cottage is appointed with several amenities including the Kensington Community Center, Kensington Pool, Trout Lake Ice Rink, a Public Library and more than five public parks.

    Killarney – with a population of over 25,000, you have several choices in homes for sale in Killarney Vancouver including multi and single family homes, high rises and townhouses as well. There are also a ton of amenities that are within close reach including retail services and for those looking to take a break from city life, there’s an expansive 40 hectare Crowley Park woven with walking trails and even a dedicated area for dogs to visit. Buying a home in Killarney provides you with instant access to parks, a community center, ice rink and even a golf course.

    Renfrew–Collingwood – one of the largest neighborhoods in East Vancouver, Renfrew–Collingwood is primary a residential area, which provides first hand access to a natural creek and a number of services and amenities especially along the Collingwood stretch. Considering its an expansive area, homes for sale in Renfrew–Collingwood are available in several configurations, and buying a property here provides you with access to parks, a pool, community center and an off-leash dog area.

    Strathcona – one of the oldest neighborhoods in BC and home to roughly 10,000 residents, Strathcona is appointed with two elementary and secondary schools complete with a library and community center. Most of the homes for sale in Strathcona were built between the 1960s and 70s, but there are several new developments on the rise.

    Victoria–Fraserview – set alongside the Fraser River, Victoria–Fraserview is flourished with commercial as well as residential developments, and is one of the city’s busiest areas. Houses for sale in Vancouver especially Victoria–Fraserview can be had in several configurations including townhouses, single and multi family homes.

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